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About Us

About Rimple

Rimple Sanchla is an Entrepreneur, a Celebrity Consciousness Coach, Graphologist, Dreams Analyst & Author. She have been a Corporate Trainer in the past, managed few big fat Indian weddings for world's leading diamond company.  She runs a readers and writers club. She has done graduation in Bachelor of Management Studies. 

She is the author of first-ever Musical Novel Handwritten Letters in the Bookstore – A Conversation in every heart via forgotten art – an extensively researched novel with neuroscience behind music and the best-selling self-help fiction - Men are from Earth, Women are from Earth - A New Scripture for Men and Women – an extensive researched novel with various texts on religions, science and psychology. As a corporate trainer in the past, she has trained more than 500-600 employees in 5 years.


She also loves listening to all kinds of music, surfing the internet, traveling. She is very fond of subjects like History, Mythology, Psychology, Anthropology, and Spirituality. She is an avid reader. She is very fond of Scriptures of Hinduism and other spiritual texts.

Rimple in on the journey of breaking the taboo that only people with problems, crisis opt for coaching. Or people feeling helpless and resigned need coaching. No. There are different kinds of coaching and Rimple is not a just a life coach or a business coach, who helps you find peace in one area. She is a Consciousness Coach. A way beyond all the nitty-gritties of life. It a process to see the world and yourself beyond what physical eyes and senses see. 


Consciousness Coaching is to EXPLORE YOUR INNER-BEING, YOUR HIGHEST BEING, WHO IS HIDDEN DEEP INSIDE A CAVE SINCE MANY YEARS, DECADES OR BIRTHS. You clean your mind and emotions in the process to begin afresh. It is one of the ways to LOVE YOURSELF.

Why LifeCoaching?

Journeys of Healing are at times painful but they are worth. It's a choice to make it fun and loving. Healing has become a generic word. But the HIGHEST HEALING IS FREEDOM FROM ALL FEARS. Only real healing as per spiritual scriptures is freedom from fears, that you are aware and that are suppresed and repressed, ones that you are not aware. When you are not aware of those fears, how do you heal? This process chips layers and helps you dive deep, find your TRUE INNER-SELF, YOUR TRUE NATURE.

Why you must choose CONSCIOUSNESS Coaching with Rimple?

PEOPLE ARE CONSTANTLY BUSY. AND BUSY LIFE ITSELF BY DEFAULT CREATES A LOT OF STRESS, FEAR, ANXIETY - whether people are aware or not. There are ways to deal with busy-ness of LIFE. ​

It is wise to choose consciousness coaching and live life than just suffering and breathing. Just breathing is not life. Neither is drinking and partying a life. It is one of the ways to escape what you do not want to see. It is courageous to choose CONSCIOUSNESS Coaching. With Rimple, it is not just life-coaching but CONSCIOUSNESS COACHING.

To know how a consciousness coaching can transform your world -  have a taste of it in my novel 'Men are from Earth, Women are from Earth - A New Scripture for Men and Women'. Its Sequel "When Life Played a Prank" to be released by the end of 2021 or by early 2022. You may read her upcoming book "I am Infinite". The Consciousness Coaching by Rimple is mainly for the influencers class of the society across the globe.

All Coaching sessions here are one-to-one and confidential between coach and client.

You may want some details of how will this go:

1. When your sessions are fixed, a Pre-coaching Questionnaire will be sent to the client before the first session. Your questionnaire needs to be answered and sent to the coach at least 72 hours prior to your first coaching session.

2. Each session is for 1 hour. And you will have only 1 session a week. 

3. On average a person may need 8 to 10 coaching sessions.

4. If you just need one for some clarity of mind or something you are not sure of, that is also fine. 

5. Coaching sessions will be on a video call, ONE-TO-ONE, CONFIDENTIAL between client and coach.

Please do mention your country and city when you drop a message or email. Rimple does have clients from USA and Europe. So she can respond on time and other details accordingly.

If you are in Mumbai, on special request in-person one-to-one coaching can be requested. 


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My Books

Rimple's Books

Conversations in Every Heart via Forgotten Art
Handwritten Letters in the Bookstore - 3

The book takes you back to a world of innocence, beauty of life in its simplicity, a lost world, a forgotten art - as the tag line says - Conversations in Every Heart via Forgotten Art.

Today people are lost in the world of loud music in discotheques and parties, having a drink after work has become a habit for many. Drinking and smoking is cool. Behind smiley and happy faces there is another face that is not visible to anyone. 

The book goes beyond all the surface level emotions thru the characters who listen to music at a very deep level. There are many books that speak about the brains of the music creators but there are not many from the listeners perspective. Like creating music is a job of Left-brain but listening is a purely right brain activity. Very little do we know about the power of music in our life. It enhances and activates so many parts of brains simultaneously. It helps increase qualities like empathy, understanding, patience, etc. 

A delightful and light read, Handwritten letters in the bookstore... enlivens, even as it defines a relationship that has an old world charm with music as its leitmotif.

A New Scripture for Men and Women
Men are from Earth, Women are from Earth


Rhea is a renowned psychologist, sexologist and relationship coach. While on a holiday, she meets Rohan, a famous Indian actor who chances upon her notebook and believes she is the only one who will be able to help him with his issues.

Rohan has cold feet as his wedding day approaches. But is that all? He embarks on a therapeutic journey with Rhea with the support of her fiancé Siddhartha.

This begins the unravelling of many childhood secrets and emotions. Will he overcome these overpowering emotions that have become a part of him? Can he rise above deep, long-term wounds and bonds? Will he go through with the marriage?

Siddhartha and Rhea set some interesting relationship goals for every couple.

The book elucidates how important it is to destroy the old psychology and develop a new one. A heavy and sensitive subject is presented in the simplest and most light-hearted manner possible.




She has amazing ability to make you grounded before the session begins and I am almost peaceful in that moment itself. I have been regularly taking her sessions for my business and broken relationship. I even read her book, which was another help besides her coaching sessions. If you want taster of her coaching, you can actually first read her book - Men are from Earth, Women are from Earth.


5 sessions with her gave me immense clarity on my career path. I thought it was supposed to be a simple problem. It was only during her coaching sessions, I came to know that it was something deeper. And she makes it simple too. Warning, at times she is really straight on your face and for our own good to be honest. I always go to her for her straightforwardness yet compassionate and genuinely interested in my life.


I had a troubled relationships in my married life, with my husband as well as in-laws. During her coaching sessions i realized i had lost all my self-esteem in past few years. My friend insisted to go for coaching sessions as he was clear about my depression but not me. In coaching sessions I realized, i was depressed and unhappy in life and life took miraculous turns as the sessions unfolded. Today i am very happy and joyous with healthy Self-Esteem

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