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A New Scripture for Men and Women

Today’s mankind is a product of the culture of thousands of years. From the time we are born, we are socialized into playing traditional gender roles. Certain differences between the sexes are natural while the others are cultural and social (manmade).

The book explores men and women’s relationships with each other—mother-son, father-daughter, mother-daughter, father-son, brother-sister, girlfriend-boyfriend, husband-wife—and themselves.

Be it any relationship, there are men and women involved. The kind of relationship we share with the same or opposite gender stems from our very first relationship with that gender, that is, with a mother and a father. And this is what the book deals with. Delving into the dynamics of these relationships, it brings forth a new definition of what it means to be a man or a woman through the characters Rhea, Siddhartha and Rohan.

The book will answer questions like why so many men are committing suicides in countries like Japan or why drinking and smoking, or addiction of any kind have become so common. The book takes you the root of degraded life many are living but on the surface-level, it remains to look good and charming. Why people suffer from depression and anxiety but on surface-level, they have an adorable smile.

Men are from Earth, Women are from Earth
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Rhea is a renowned psychologist, sexologist and relationship coach. While on a holiday, she meets Rohan, a famous Indian actor who chances upon her notebook and believes she is the only one who will be able to help him with his issues.

Rohan has cold feet as his wedding day approaches. But is that all? He embarks on a therapeutic journey with Rhea with the support of her fiancé Siddhartha.

This begins the unravelling of many childhood secrets and emotions. Will he overcome these overpowering emotions that have become a part of him? Can he rise above deep, long-term wounds and bonds? Will he go through with the marriage?

Siddhartha and Rhea set some interesting relationship goals for every couple.

The book elucidates how important it is to destroy the old psychology and develop a new one. A heavy and sensitive subject is presented in the simplest and most light-hearted manner possible.


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