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Join Readers Club for Rs. 600 for 6 months

1. Get connected to Like-Minded People

2. Get book recommendations on fiction and non-fiction

3. Group members are avid readers. Many of them are reading since childhood and some have started the reading journey few months or years ago.

4. Get to know about new books, reviews by the members, discuss the books and many more.

5. This is only a WhatsApp based group.

Click Here to Join the Group. It is a simple form.

For 6 months pay Rs. 600 (payment details are in the form).

If you are not a book reader but would like to start reading, then you may register for a 3 hours book reading workshop plus 6 months readers club. This support will get you to start BOOK READING.


Introduction to Reading plus Readers Club for Support

3 Hours introduction to the world of Reading and how to begin with.

Book Reading is a very rare habit in India though it is a very important to have reading habit. Book reading have various neurological, psychological, linguistics, social, emotional, intellectual, mental and many more benefits but HOW TO START READING BOOKS? This is a big question. In this three hours workshop you will be able to understand HOW TO START READING. Along with this also register for 6 months membership of our readers club which will be your support system.
Click on this link to register. Note. Workshop video details will be shared with you on your email and WhatsApp number you mention in the GOOGLE FORM. Below is the link for the Google Form.



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