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2020 - year of Losses and Learning

Updated: May 20, 2020

Gone are the days where you would wake up for going to office,  thinking about fulfilling your dreams, your wishes. Today no one gets up saying I want to travel the world, I want to buy a luxurious house, I love photography, I want to be a food blogger, I want the best school for my child and the list goes on. Today you do not wake up for a cause to save rivers, save trees, save animals, or debate about pollution and increasing size of ozone layer. Just when people were thinking about saving the nature, nature decides to save itself and humans are worrying about their own life. When and how humans thought that they are bigger than nature. When and how humans thought that they are not the creation of nature and instead think they are the ones who maintain and protect nature. 

When the human ego crossed all limits, nature decided to take the course in its hand. Today rivers are clean,  environment is clean,  people clean themselves and their surroundings clean, air and water are no more polluted or are improving. The largest ozone hole above arctic is completely healed. And all of this is just by 1 gram of Corona virus all over the world. Yes. Entire humankind is on its knees just by a total of 1 gram of virus.

The weight of a virus is measured at 0.85 attograms or 0.85 x 10 ~18 grams, or about one millionth of a trillion grams. 70 billion viruses that will make a person sick attract about 0.0000005 grams.  Since the total number of cases worldwide is now over 2 million, the total weight of the  viruses that descend the world comes about 1 gram. And we silly humans think we are on top of the world, even above nature who is our creator.  Entire mankind is dealing with fear,  anxiety, worry, uncertainty, losses. Every morning we wake up hearing about the death of corona virus patients or doctors or cops or celebs. The one gram of virus has made everyone realize that it is not money, power, designation, desires all of these have no meaning when it comes to life. The human classifications of human beings are also meaningless - no caste,  gender, religion, race, class, etc. The year comes with a huge learning. So many have started doing things like praying, meditating, reading, etc. Spirituality is the biggest lesson to learn in this period and one of the finest lesson of spirituality is ACCEPTANCE. Once the lockdown is over, try not to make a new beginning with pubs, alcohol, party, not-knowing-what-to-do-sex, smoking, boredom drinking, boredom watching TV or allied content, etc. Start with a new being, find yourself. Take this opportunity to see the value of life and what really matters. See if what you valued earlier and re-assess your life, your beliefs, your lifestyle. It's really amazing and thoughtful of our PM to request Doordarshan channel in India to broadcast old serial of Ramayana. Surround yourself with goodness of life. It has to be chosen consciously.

It is a huge test for people where they cannot be with their loved ones during their last moment and perform the last rites. Some are addicted to alcohol and nicotine and are not able to withstand the test of time with limited or no access to their addictions. Some battling to be mentally and emotionally strong by doing exercise or some activity. Everyday, nowadays, I just pray to the higher power saying: 'I trust whatever you do has a reason beyond my understanding. And whatever is happening I assume is happening for higher good. But since it is beyond our understanding, I pray that all human beings have the necessary courage and patience and love to deal with WHAT IS. Give your love and courage to mankind to deal with their fears, anxieties, and moreover their losses'.  May the blessings of higher power bless the mankind and help us come out of the crisis we never imagined. 

20 May 2020

When I had shared this article on 30th April, one of the reader messaged that it is nice but he wanted to hear more of my personal experience in the lockdown. So I thought to edit this article itself instead of writing a new one.

Starting from 25th March, i really dont see many days where i was bored or panicked. I experienced that boredom, anxiety for two days and it was not a great feeling. I had just finished writing my most ambitious book just two weeks before the lockdown and i was really looking for a break. Which i got in this lockdown. There was a sense of peace after penning down that book. I wanted to write that since I was 14 years old. And it was a dream come true moment. Now i am eagerly waiting for 2021 when it will be launched. This book shall alter my life as an author. That is all i know now.

I didn't become a chef during this lockdown. I cook, clean and take care of household chores and finish it quickly. I am hardly reading any books or watch any movies or series online. Instead, during the lockdown I started learning Astrology. It was heavy initially. I wanted to learn astrology since I was in college but somehow that did not happen. And it is happening now, I got that answer also from the astrology. Certain planets in my chart in a particular house were to mature after 33 years and I completed my 33rd birthday in November 2019.

After spending two weeks on astrology self-study, I came across a message from a friend saying 'learn astrology basics in 7 days' and I was so happy. One the astrological restrictions for me to learn astrology were no more there and second, where there is will, there is a way. This mantra of my life has never disappointed me.

While I started astrology on one hand and on the other side, I started writing another reality-fiction when the lockdown started. Thinking of characters and story giving a very powerful message slowly moved towards becoming a sequel to my book Men are from Earth, Women are from Earth - A New Scripture for Men and Women. And I want it to be in a way that both the can be read independently. And somehow I was guided to the story. It was important for me to finish this book as soon as possible because I wanted to have a hat-trick. My first novel came out in 2018, second in 2019 and the third non-fiction that I finished before the lockdown was to be released in 2021. I did not want 2020 to be a year without a book.

When I am not doing household chores or writing book, I am now taking some time to establish a connection with planets to strengthen my astrology prediction capabilities. Trying to have conversation with planets. This I just started about 10-days ago, after understanding the basics of astrology. This is too much fun. Trying to understand why I am so argumentative and why nobody can win an argument with me. Why I am so fast in doing anything. If others take about 4-5 hours for a job, I finish it in 1 hour. Why I can so easily switch from serious to fun and fun to serious mode in a moment. While I am working, people find me serious and when I am not, people have to tell me to control my laughter. So it is really a fun to understand why I am the way I am and why others are the way they are and what can be done to grow.

Then I am just enjoying doing nothing. Just sit on the chair and close eyes, and meditate or just with myself. And I am enjoying this a lot. Earlier also I used to do this but not daily. The way our life operates, this leisure is a luxury. Now when I have a luxury of this leisure, why not grab the opportunity.

Many a times, my thoughts wandered about the financial crisis, when will the business start again. Then I used to just go back to my prayer. 'I surrender'. Because worrying has never solved any problems but created more. I am not the only one who is going thru a rough patch. Whole world is with me. Whatever will happen to others will happen to me - just a little more or little less, the degree may vary.

This existence is very smart. It never gives you problems that you are not capable of handling. There is always a blessing in disguise. May be we can just wait to see the blessing in this disguise.

The very best way to feel good in this situation, if you are worried or in anxiety, is to avoid watching crime and fear related movies and series. Do not feed your fear, feed your the goodness and innocence of life.

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