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A Focused Prayer - Scientifically Proven

2021 is a second year of Pandemic and situation is confusing - is it improving or getting worst? Everyone will have different answers based on their own current situation. And on top of that if you are in India, lot of political news is surrounding not giving much of the good vibes. Everywhere there are news and messages of fear. We all are trained in HOW TO AVOID and IGNORE WATCHING THESE THINGS, be indifferent, just to keep our mental and emotional environment positive.

Today, I am inviting each and everyone to spend some time on a focused prayer, the wordings of which I shall share in the post below in the form of image as well as text. There are many who believe in such things and there are many who do not believe. For those who need evidence to know whether this works or not, then in the next paragraph I will be sharing a evidences with the experiment of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, in United States of America. And this has been successfully replicated in different countries with drastic effect. It is 1% effect.

The crime was increasing at an alarming rate in USA. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi started Mass Meditations. This technique is also called 1% effect. According to this, experiments of Mass Meditation led to drop in the country’s crime rate. Maharishi showed a very unique co-relation between large groups Transcendental Meditation and drop in U.S crime rate.

I will also share one of the article link for you to verify this story. There are plenty of such examples in different parts of the world. And I am sharing only one of them here.

Source for you to verify:

An experiment in Washington DC to study the effect of a large group of meditators on social trends, saw a rapid reversal in the violent crime trend during the project period.

In peace, we live and move and experience life.
In health, we live and move and experience life.
In Prosperity, we live and move and experience life.
In Abundance, we live and move and experience life.
WE all are GRATEFUL for this experience and Ready to Release it, Let go and START AFRESH.

(Abundance of Health, Happiness, Love, Peace, the list can be long.)

Below is the image that you can save on your mobiles or keep it as a lock screen or home screen. Lets chant this with no other thoughts in mind, no gadgets, no internet, no talking, just chanting this. If we do it at same time, the effect of Mass Meditation can give an effect. Starting on 14th April, when the sun is transiting in a zodiac where it is the most powerful. Sun is a universal symbol of life, health, immunity. Without sun, there is no life. And Sun will be in this most powerful part of the sky for next one month starting on 14th April.

  • Morning, 6 AM or 10 AM (those who wake up early, start at 6AM, those who wake up late, can do it at 10AM)

  • Evening, 5PM,

  • Night, 10 PM

Besides these 3 times, you are free to chant as many times a day. The idea of fixed time is to bring in the 1% effect, which has proven in various parts of the world. On the auspicious day of Gudi Padwa, which marks the beginning of the spring, is a wonderful day to begin with. Sping season is the season of rebirth, rejuvenation, harvesting, blooming, colorful, lively, regrowth, renewal, and all things that bring light and happiness.

Thank you for your Participation / Consideration. Best wishes for Well-Being of ALL.

Prayer in image form:

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