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I can feel you. (my first POEM written in 2017)

I can feel you

His eyes staring at sky

Living the moment

A drop of tear rolls down from eyes

Let them be, let them flow

For the moment you are living twice

One in present and one in your memories

That you spent with the love of your life

Under the green and violet sky

Like the tinge of pink your memories ignite in you

Viewing the colors of life on the sky

Say her hi! For she is smiling looking at you

She lays her vivid duende to the sky

To make you live again

On this treeless freezing plain

She sends a reindeer sleigh

Santa alights with a paper scroll

A beautiful letter, she sends for you

Oh! Love, life awaits you, for you are worthy of a life full of happiness

Live your happiness and then mine.

He smiles in gratitude for her message

Sleeps like a baby in his sami tent.

~~~ Author Rimple

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