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Love is “Ek cutting chai”

I wrote this couple of years ago.

You must be wondering about this article’s title. No matter what you are doing, which part of the world you are, if you are an Indian, ek cutting chai surely brings a broad smile on your face, water in your mouth, some freshness in taste and a rejuvenated mind. A sip of adrak-wali or masala chai brings a contentment that’s unbeatable. “One sip” … That one sip – especially in the rains. And if it’s a “Tapari” chai, the glass of chai with raindrops falling in it, you are completely wet and you feel cozy when you put your hands around the warm tea glass. A blessed sensation. With raindrops kissing your face, you keep blinking your eyes, holding a glass of chai and enjoy the coziness – the cold breezy rains, a warm feeling in your hands and a taste in your mouth… the complete refreshment of mind, body and spirit… and even emotions… a moment that makes you forget your tiredness… Isn’t this love? Love is all around us, perhaps we never notice it. All these small-small moments are love moments. Do you have any such moments?

I added this article in my book Handwritten Letters in the Bookstore.

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