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Men must learn how to cry

More people are dying in the world from suicide. #MentalHealth is neglected. The word Mental Health doesn't even appear to exist. It exists only if you have diseases like Alzeimers or Schizophrenia, etc. The word Mental Health has become a taboo in the sense that something is wrong with my brain. What will people think about me?

Feeling, sad, depressed, fearful, anxiety attacks, feeling low, stress, emotionally tired in a relationship or emotionally disturbed due to any crisis in life and all such things do not count in our culture. The only thing that men are conditioned is to be strong. And crying is not strength according to them or their conditioning. And asking for help is also not a sign of strength.

How do men deal with this then?

1. Alcoholism

2. Party (loud music, drink, surrounded by the crowd, can't be alone even for 10 minutes)

3. Drugs

4. Gyming (this can be an addiction to deal with emotions also)

5. Have Sex

6. Watch Porn

7. always very busy (load themselves with too much work to escape)

8. Smoking

9. Not knowing where are they going in life.

10. Not able to maintain a good relationship

11. Extra-marital affairs if married

12. If single, you keep moving from one relationship to another. You start a relationship with bang, slowly get bored and then breakup - this cycle may take few months or few years also. But it is still a cycle.

(You may read article on escapism part 1 and escapism part 2 on my blog for more on this list)

Depression often goes underdiagnosed in men. Men do not often disclose feelings of depression to their doctors. When they do, it is often described in terms of having problems at work or in relationships. Men also tend to describe their feelings as "stress" rather than sadness or hopelessness.

People who think crying is a weakness, here's an example for you.

Have you seen streams falling down the mountains, cascading, falling - gentle water? Rock is very hard. Rock thinks it is very strong and that flowing water is weak. It is this water that cuts the rock slowly-slowly and makes its way. See all the waterfalls that we all love. The flowing water (gentle) reduces the rock to sand and carries with it. If you don't cry and release, even you may erode like a rock one day, reduced to sand.

Another example. In a garden, there are flowers as well as stones. Of course, the rock appears to be strong and flower weak. But you still offer flowers to the divine, not the rocks. You kill the soft flower if you step on it. But rocks are already dead even before you step on them. Whether you step on them or not, doesn't make any difference. A dead cannot die again.

Do you give flowers to your beloved or stones? Flowers right. You will not give stones.

Tenderness is the strength of the flower and so is the crying. In the morning flower blooms, spreads its beauty and fragrance it wilts by evening. It has lived. Stone is dead. The flower is alive and dies, a stone will never die because it was never alive.

Call your tears. Let your tears flow. let them fill your eyes with your song otherwise you are deprived of many things in life.

Those who let tears flow are fortunate - they are strong.

Do you have a hard time crying?

We can talk over a coaching session. :) You may be in any part of the world.

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