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Music is the sound of Love!

Another article I wrote 2 years ago which I even added in my book Handwritten Letters in the Bookstore - India's First Musical Novel.

Music is the sound of Love!

Music… just like LOVE… can touch your soul. You have music for every mood… basically three moods:

  1. You keep playing the same song again and again and again.

  2. You enjoy listening to any song that is being played and…

  3. You keep changing songs after every few seconds… not listening to even one complete song.

Isn’t it awesome? People list down a range of moods, but when it comes to music, there are only three moods.

But do not confuse moods with emotions. We are always in one mood or another. Emotions are for a brief period and they are intense. When you are experiencing an emotion, listening to related music amplifies your emotion.

Bollywood, Indie-pop, ghazals, instrumentals, dance numbers, etc. Music is like the sound of love, the sound of your heart, the sound of your feelings, the sound of your soul.

No party is complete without music, no get-together is complete without music, no wedding seems complete without music, no drive is complete without music, no journey is complete without music and also no Bollywood movies are complete without music. You are a religious person, you may listen to devotional music, you are a spiritual person you may listen to meditative music, and so on. But there is music for all kinds of people.

You are happy, you play music. You are depressed you put your ear plugs and shut yourself from the world out there, with music. You are irritated, you plug in music to avoid fights. You are sad, you listen to music that describes your feelings or something that can lift up your spirits.

Life would have been empty and boring without music. No matter what, there’s no substitute for music. Even if you are a dictator, music would still continue to be a part of your life. Haven’t met anyone who doesn’t listen to music.

The sound of rainfall is music – tip-tip-tip-tap-tap-tip-tap. The sound of tick-tick-tock-tick-tock in clock is music. The sound of heartbeat is music – dhak-dhak-dhak-dhak. The sound of birds chirping is music – kooo-koooo-chuuuuun-chuuuuuun-kau-kau. The sound of waves is music – guuurrrr-splash-guuurrrr-splash-guuurrr-splash – small waves coming together to form a large wave and whooosshh hitting the beach. The sound of laughter is music – hhaaaahhhaaaa. The sound of high-five to friends is music. The sound of crying is music.

Music is everywhere. Sometimes we just aren’t aware. Music is a form of love!!! Forget everything and dance to the music in you and around you.

Lots of Love,

Sound of Music!

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