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I am very fond of Upanishads. I literally experienced 'Aham Brahma Asmi' - Ich bin das Universum - I experienced what I had only heard or read in books like Autobiography of a Yogi. Pure Divine Experience. It has helped me not just personally, but has enabled clarity of thoughts which is important for decision making. I take important decisions only after this meditation. I let the infinite divine guidance guide me silence. It has not only impacted me as a person, but our business also. It helps me practice empathy, experience oneness, be calm in stressful situations, and lot more. Words are not enough for the experience. 

CTO of TUSC (A German Company)

Pure Bliss! Never experienced this ever in my entire life.

CEO of TUSC (A German Company)


This is PURE EXPERIENCE!!! Took away all my spiritual intellectual knowledge. I realized about my spiritual ego, I know it all. But the experience speaks far beyond knowledge. PURE PURE PURE EXPERIENCE! I have never attended such a program ever! I am also a certified coach, but still, speaking of something so simple, easy and amazingly experiential. I requested a daily follow-up program for my company and it was met flexibly.

CHRO (Finance and IT sector)

Never experienced this kind of peace.

Anant. M

Nothing less than a magical experience. I have sleep issues. In the 2 days program, I slept so peacefully and deep. I hit the bed immediately. I can never think of so quick results when it comes to my sleep issues.

Rajat. P

With more than 30 years of experience in HR, in trainings I operated from ‘I know it all’. Even during the initial meetings, I was acting as ‘I know’. But during and after the training, I felt I was being arrogant. With so many wellness programs in the market, it is normal to think the way I did. Daily 20 new companies are sending their programs. But so far in my experience, I have never seen any program being so effective and immediately. I am myself an executive coach, group CHRO, member of international HR associations and councils, certified executive coach, certified meditation trainer, but this one program opened up a new dimension. I realized I had stopped learning being arrogant about my designation, so many achievements and certificates. I am certified meditation coach and so are many but what I learned here is certificate is not the qualification for meditation, practice is. I learnt technique but I experienced the meditation in this program. And also realized how deep I can go. I acknowledge Rimple, the founder and only meditation coach in Shunya, to create this kind of training. It suits the corporate environment perfectly. In an era where we need everything instantly, this program fits in the wellness category for being QUICK, EASY AND EFFORTLESSNESS. Technique of Meditation is available on internet and there are many similar trainings as well, but where this stands out is how to put leverage out of meditation immediately. Others are very difficult to practice, this one is really easy and effortless. Even certified meditators do not reach this peak after months of practice that one can reach by doing this program within a month because you get the taste of higher realms during the program. You put this one program of Shunya on one side of a weighing machine and all others on the other side, this one will be difficult to beat! It is difficult to cross this level of effectiveness and impact. It must have surely required lot of hard work, because anything over-simplified for the participants has to be over-complicated for the trainer. God bless her!


Group CHRO (Wants to be anonymous due to certain statements in the testimonial).

I have never experienced so much of divinity ever. 10 stars out of 5. Easy and Effortless 200%. I really have no words to share my experience.

Shirish. B


Dear Rimple, as requested here is the testimonial. Since I am sharing about my personal life I would like you to keep my name anonymous. I will begin with office. This program has changed the vibes of our entire office. We are an IT firm with 1000s of employees and we have trained just 20% of our employees so far. We are going for 100% employees training with Rimple now, including all top management. We have participated in this training and entire feel and vibe of the office is so positive. How our vibes are entangled to each other and how the entangled vibes of all the people in the organization contribute to the results and growth of the organization was never so clear and scientific to me. We started a mini library with all the books recommended by Rimple during the program to help our employees. For me personally, not just professional but it has helped me deal with my personal life breakdowns as well. Loss of child, divorce being the major ones. It was a slap that how come people focus on jobs when there are so many issues in personal life. While passing thru difficult stage, it becomes a challenge to concentrate on professional life because personal and professional both life matters. Breakdown in one causes the breakdown in another. I came across one of the emails on this training and gave it a shot. Initially, I thought there are too many promises. In the experience of this program, you will feel that all promises are kept. There is no high pitch or anything dramatic in the entire program. It is all about “Just Being”. I would have not known what does “Just Being” until I attended this program. Easy and Effortlessness is something you can vouch for. In the past we have done programs where it helps understand people why are the angry and how they can make life easy by forgiving, which is very easy in language but not in experience. I increased my intellectual knowledge in other programs, spent in dollars and euros attending programs worldwide. I ignored this training as lower level saying because the trainer name was unknown, no fancy PR, nothing. This training is relevant from CXO to office boys. Each and everyone are qualified for this training. For lowest hierarchy English is a challenge and we had requested to conduct something in Hindi, customized for 1 day and Rimple was happy to do so.

“I know it all. I have attended 42 such programs”. In this training I realized that experience is most important than all the intellectual knowledge. EXPERIENCE IS THE HIGHLIGHT OF SHUNYA MEDITATION TRAINING. One can imagine the amount of ego I had when I say 42 programs plus avid reader, reading at least 4 to 6 books a month. I realized that our knowledge is our biggest barrier in being open to something new.

Being at top management, it was difficult seek help on how to deal with all the breakdowns. But at a point of personal losses and breakdowns no emotional and mental wellness intellectual wisdom I had collected from 42 programs helped. This program is way beyond all of these. So much of unlearning and becoming empty. I can fill an empty cup with anything I want. She is also my personal consciousness coach. It is not like an executive coach who helps clear thoughts on growth or milestones achievement but at a root-level of being. If you are looking for someone at the root-level, personal coach or professional corporate training, this is the best I have come across so far.

Managing Director (A spirit).  


For me the healing which comes with Shunya Meditation is entirely natural, comes with no rules, at my own space, no chanting affirmations or mantras, no hierarchical structures, no bondage, just me, easy and effortlessness in practice. I tried all stuffs like yoga, positive affirmations, etc. but somethings I am too tired to do any kind of exercise or even talk. Silence is something I yearned for. This meditation is excellent. Really easy and effortless, simple, relaxing, calming. I experienced my first transcendence during this program.

Raksha K.


I felt someone just unloaded cargo of tonnes of kgs off me. Never so light. I have never attended a program like this before. There are so many emotional and wellness programs but I realized today that I gained a lot of knowledge from them and deal with issues intellectually. This is program is like a magic. There was no doing at all. It was letting go, letting go and letting go. Best part is, the coach says – ‘its ok, don’t do anything, don’t put any effort’. The sentence ‘don’t put any effort’ is like a unbelievable thing in a world where without effort nothing happens.

Gautam M.


The experience was nothing less than a magic for me.  There is no program similar to this one. I have never felt so light ever in my life, not since I have grown into an adult. I have no words to describe my experience.

Vasundhara J.

This is the best workshop I have ever done in my life. I used to do yoga, tried meditation but failed. Applied for 11-day course of Vipassana but left the course on 2nd day as it was too difficult. This course came to me post lockdown. I was already going thru too much and on top of that I was not happy that company is arranging this training and that too when we are still working from home. But those 3 days of training are the best days I have ever experienced I don’t know since how many years. May be since lockdown or may be since I completed my college. During lockdown my daughter was slipping away from us. Once I shouted at her and she ran away from house. Me and my wife both ran behind her, trying to convince the child. Personal life has been at complete toss. There is job, there is job stress, money is also there but no peace of mind. In the course I realized that I have been looking to escape from all things. Me and my wife had even consulted a Relationship coach, but everything was useless. In this meditation workshop, everything seems to disappear, as if I am a blank slate. The whole world looks different. I never get that feeling even if I am travelling or on a long holiday. There is fear of uncertainty, anxiety. There is no escape from the situation. There is a certain level of calmness. I am very much aware of my feelings. I like the Email and WhatsApp resources sent every week, that helps me be in touch with the practice. I am practicing this meditation regularly now. It has been the best course that has helped me unwind and unlearn, become open to new life. Looking at me, my wife also suggested this training in her organization and we both practice together now. Rimple is the best coach I have ever come across. Throughout the course, she was, just be, relax, don’t do anything. I loved that line very much. No course or workshop ever says “don’t do anything”. Only Rimple’s workshop says that. She did not even say pay attention. The course is simply flowing. I am grateful to my company’s management for this course and I am now a big big big fan of you Rimple. I love your mantra and follow it daily.

Sachin S.


There is so much of acceptance in life. There is so much of gratitude. My personal and professional life is amazingly balanced. I am more accepting in all my relationship with my wife and children. They said that I don’t get angry or irritated after day 2 of the course. On day 3 I am sharing this on the call as if it is the world’s biggest achievement for me. They encourage me more to do this kind of training now. I think this program is all in one. There is no need for counselling or anger management courses or depression consultancy to psychologists. This one program helps deal with everything. Correction, as Rimple says in the program, ‘let it be, it will dissolve with practice.’

Manav S.

This training has helped me tremendously. I have gained patience, and a greater feeling of gratitude for what I have and appreciation of my life and relationships. Rimple was simply amazing. Thank you, thank you for this experience! It has truly been invaluable to me.

Raj M.


The entire course was terrific. I can’t imagine how anything could be better! I loved the science behind mindfulness. I loved the practice in class. I loved the weekly emails / Whatsapp from Rimple with resources. I feel I was totally supported in every way. You are the sweetest woman I know! Your gentle presentation – such kindness and respect to all who were learning! Thank you for offering so much love and light into this world, Rimple!!!

Gaurav T.


I started reading all the books suggested by Rimple during the training. They are just wow. I stay alone, away from my family and been thru tough times during lockdown. I wish if I had access to this training before lockdown or rather in my childhood. My whole perspective has changed. I am always joyous. I have a very deep and sound sleep. I have never experienced this before. I have not felt like drinking alcohol since the time I have started practicing this meditation regularly. Best part is I am a non-reader. I never had a habit of reading books. I have started reading books consciously since this program. This program has taught me the importance of reading along with importance of meditation.

Karunesh V.

I am becoming more accepting of troubling situations (nonjudgmentally) in my life, rather than worrying or becoming upset. A wonderful support in this time of grief in my life. Rimple, thank you for your boundless energy and resources you bring to all of us. I can’t thank you enough for being such an important part of my life. I feel very fortunate to have you as my teacher in helping me to open my heart and mind to all that is. I have not felt this much freedom from stress for a very long time. You are wonderful! I thank my CEO who was convinced that we must take this training.
Abhishek P.


I think it is a life changing program.

Hema L.


This program is calming…insightful…I felt touched by the feeling I experienced.

Vikram J.

I gained the ability to switch off negative and appreciate the great things in my life. Your program is wonderful and surpasses any other emotional or wellness program I have ever taken. Thanks so much for all you do for us!.

Bhakti M.

I felt very light. At the end of the day I had tears in my eyes, as if everything drained away. I felt so empty and light like I don’t have any tough situations to deal with. I am as free as a bird flying in the sky, floating. The sensations during the meditation are one of the amazing experiences I have.

Anil K.

I so appreciated your incredible kindness and thoughtfulness. I have been learning so much in your course and I feel that I am beginning the journey of self-awareness and self-compassion. Mindfulness Training has provided the tools and resources I needed to retrain my brain. And they are so simple. Rimple makes it very simple. Thank you so much for this program and I am grateful to my company that arranged for this wonderful training. Otherwise, I would have been living in my own prison disguised as freedom.

Shanta N.


I could go on and on about how mindfulness has impacted my life. It’s just wow and honestly I have no words to describe how the program went for me. I am just grateful that this training came to me. And I am grateful to Rimple for simplifying for people like us. I am at awe of all the scientific understanding behind the mindfulness meditation. I felt like my thinking and my intelligence so small considering this vast universe. Everything seems to dissolve and I feel as light as a feather.

Karishma A.


At first, I could not believe that an online, especially since we are working from home. This program helped me become more aware of my thoughts, my emotions and myself. I feel much less anxiety and experience less anger in my life now. I definitely have gained more confidence, and feel much more comfortable in social settings. I enjoyed the relaxed environment and the vibe that we had during the course. It felt like a safe place to be open.

Sarika M.


Rimple, you are changing lives. I am forever grateful. This class was a gift.

Amandeep S.


This course is wonderful. I loved it all – beautifully and thoughtfully compiled – much erudition distilled into easy-to-remember format. An amazing gift.

Kevin M.


This course was amazing. I enjoyed all of it: the guided meditations, learning about our brain wiring and how to heal our destructive patterns, the stories and support. I learned practical applications: daily awareness, pausing, and staying more present, responding before reacting. In a scale from 1 to 10, this course is a 10.

Varun B.


This course was enlightening and awakening! I feel my intelligence is small after this course and world is so big. I have started reading books after this program. Reading all the books suggested by Rimple during the program and now reading her Men are from Earth, Women are from Earth book. It is the first fiction that I am reading in my entire life, already half way thru and there is something unique about her intelligence and her way of thinking and presenting. This program is amazing and so is her book. It has been 6 months to the course and I love all the email / Whatsapp resources. But the best part is I have read 12 books since this course – which is 2 books a month and I just feel so happy about it.

Ashwin C.


This course has helped me refocus and see the good things in my life instead of concentrating on the negative. The meditating has helped me slow down and be more mindful and not lose perspective of what is important.

Bhavana N.


Rimple has helped me develop a passion for meditation and life. I look forward to meditation in the morning and at night before sleeping. I wake up very very fresh and feel like had a very deep and sound sleep. Very very deep sleep.

Ryan G.


Whole program was free-flowing. I never wanted it to end. I felt as if someone has drained all the toxins from my mind and I am only left with blissfulness. Rimple is the best coach. I love the line in the program – ‘doesn’t matter. Just be. Don’t do anything’.

Khushi A.

Loved the peacefulness of the course. The format is not forced and it is delivered in a very organized way. The course was able to interject personal issues of the participants…so you don’t feel alone.

Chetan P


Well-presented and informative. I have been able to practice mindfulness in more aspects of my life. I am learning to approach my problems in a calmer, more mindful manner.

Aruna G

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