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Inculcate Reading Habit

Habit of all leaders! How to read in the era of Netflix & Social media

  • Ended
  • 15,000 Indian rupees
  • Online sessions on zoom or google

Service Description

Inculcate Reading Habit - in the times of OTT platforms and Social Media. In India less than 1 million people read out of billions, which is a very poor number. This program is for those who are willing to enter the niche community of readers and thereby slowly taking steps towards success and leadership. Reading for Pleasure is the most important quality, which can come at the second stage once you enter the reading community. To enter the second stage, begin with the first step - from a non-reader become a reader. This program is for those: 1. Who never had reading habit. 2. Who were voracious readers in childhood but have lost the touch with this pleasure habit because of any reason. Reading is a diminishing art, especially in the times when people don't have time, they are hooked to Netflix and Amazon Prime, or hooked to Facebook and Instagram. People have forgotten that Reading is what brings peace of mind because reading requires concentration. It is a focused activity. There are various Neurological, Social, Educational, Psychological, Emotional, Spiritual and Linguistics benefits of reading. But how to read? If you feel sleepy or get headaches while reading. Then also this program will help. Idea behind starting this program is to bring more and more people to READ. It leads to think, analyze, imagine. It is a gymnasium for your brain, just as physical exercise is to your body. Reading is actually the most luxurious hobby. It is worth inculcating. There's a reason why all accomplished people - be it all businessmen or politicians, read voraciously in spite of being so busy. You may choose to read a book in any language, fiction or non-fiction. In the program we will begin with how to choose your kind of book and even go thru the selection process. The book you choose, you will finish it during the program. Fee breakup The main course is of 6 days. And then 15 days online reading library sessions. The 21 days, will help you form a reading habit. Plus, at the end of the program you will be added to a readers club group where you can keep in touch with like-minded people will help you grow your reading habit. Reading chart will be shared at the end for your support. Sitting in front of TV or OTT platforms will increase their revenue but will not add any value to your life. Gift yourself a life transforming habit.

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